Freesat is a similar service to Freeview as there is no contract, no monthly bill and it requires a satellite dish and provides around 200 digital channels including the standard terrestrial stations, E4, More4, Film4, BBC News, Bloomberg, CNBC and CNN
In order to receive the service you will require a satellite dish and either a Satellite Receiver or a TV with an integrated Satellite Receiver TV’s such as the Panasonic Viera , Samsung etc.
Freesat also offer a box with a built in hard drive for recording although this requires two cables to be run from the dish rather than one. Satellite can be an excellent alternative option to Freeview, especially in areas where terrestrial reception via a conventional aerial is restricted by adjacent buildings or trees etc.

How much does a Freesat Installation Cost?

If you already have a Dish and cable running into your property, then so long as they’re working  you’ll only need to buy a Freesat box, plug it in and go. However, if you are wanting to use a receiver that records and can pause live TV, then you’ll need twin cable running in. At Aztech Multimedia, we can run twin cable from an existing dish into your property. So, typically, what will it cost for a Installation? We’ll we can only give an approximate answer to this as it does depend on whether it is single or twin cable being used (as twin cable will cost more), plus how much cable is being used to run from the satellite dish to the receiver, but on average the Installation Cost is  approx £85 – £150. This doesn’t include the set top box cost.



 Mobile App 

The brilliant TV Guide for all Free TV viewers lets you plan your viewing, get inspiration for what to watch with Showcase, record on the go and even control your Freetime box using your smartphone or tablet.
Available now for iOS, Android and Fire devices
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Satellite Repair Service

If you are experiencing problems with your satellite system we can help. Our engineers will attend your property and carry out a health check on your satellite for a fixed fee of £49.00 + parts
We also provide a fixed fee repair service which covers the cost of the satellite signal assessment and any parts required to get you back up and running again for just £85.00 + vat this offer excludes decoders or stb’s (set top boxes).
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