Plans now underway for 700 MHz clearance

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Plans now underway for 700 MHz clearance

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Plans now underway for 700 MHz clearance

The ever-moving feast of aerial changes for 700 MHz clearance goes to 160,000 households this month as Ofcom announce further consultation with stakeholders on the project.  The Government is considering whether there is a case for making public funding available to support viewers and wireless microphone owners with these changes. It has requested advice from Ofcom on the effects the changes will have on stakeholders, the options for addressing these effects and the associated costs.

As the main industry organisation on the case as you will have seen the CAI has secured Kate Macefield from DUK and Graham Plumb from Ofcom as keynote speakers at this year’s ‘Evolving Connectivity 2016’ – the chief reason for making sure you attend this show above all others.  Ofcom estimates that an information and advice campaign for viewers could cost up to £5.5 million.  The early April edition of E-Connect contains all the affected transmitter listings and mux channel re-allocations.

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