FREEVIEWFreeview Digital TV has replaced analogue TV and the Digital TV revolution began shortly afterwards as outdated analogue transmitters were switched off and digital TV took its place. Freeview includes over 50 channels of free content although premium channels are also available.
The Digital Switchover is almost complete throughout the country and while many have suitable equipment to watch Digital TV, the switchover has not been without problems. However, the good news is that  Digital TV is generally easy to receive. In fact, almost any television that has an aerial or SCART socket has all it needs to watch Freeview and all you need to do is to check coverage in your area purchase a set-top box, plug in your existing aerial, install it and enjoy the new channels.



Helping You Get the Most Out of Digital TV

Aztech Multimedia are  digital TV  experts in Kent ,London, East Sussex,Surrey when Digital TV was being introduced to the public, we were already offering digital aerial installation that was Digital TV and Freeview friendly, ensuring that our customers were future-proofed with the best technology available. With more and more people calling us up about our Freeview services and Digital Aerial installations we’ve been hard at work installing Digital aerials and set top boxes for our customers.


Are You Having Reception Problems?

If you’ve been used to enjoying Freeview, did you know that you may not be enjoying all 50+ channels? Depending on the aerial you use and your set top box, you may be suffering from poor reception and signal loss. our team of aerial repair engineers are skilled at upgrading outdated TV aerials and configuring televisions and set top boxes. In fact, we can help you with almost any Freeview related problem and supply hardware that’s guaranteed to work effectively.






Freeview Aerial Installation

Aztech Multimedia specialize in just about everything Audio Visual. From ensuring you get the best Freeview reception possible to helping set up the home cinema of your dreams with recessed speakers and hidden cabling, we are experts in the field. With over 10 years experience working in the London and Kent area, our reputation speaks for itself
If you need help, our Digital Aerial Installation experts are ready to help you now. Call us FREE on 0800 043 4900 or book online